Saturday, March 10, 2001

Well, things could be getting more interesting. Who knows... maybe I'll have more info next week.

For now I get to spend the weekend building prototypes. We've got some UI problems and I need to come up with some different solutions that people can play with and get the feel for. It should be good, aside from working all weekend. For some reason I feel okay with it though.

Thursday, March 08, 2001

Yawn... Still up ...

Just noticing that Napster still seems to be up and running fine. I'm not sure what was supposed to be going on with it... so... for now I'll just download some songs off the Trigun soundtrack ... since I'm in that kind of mood...

Wednesday, March 07, 2001

Boss: "Well, you've definately got 3-4 months" (with genuine good will)
Me: "Uhhhh....." ("OH F**K")
Boss: "After that we'll have to see how the company's doing, and what you're doing that's considered necessary" (Acting as if it shouldn't be a problem)
Me: "Uhhhh....." ("RRRUUUUNNNNN")
Boss: "Well, we should talk about this some more if you want" (with genuine concern)
Me: "Sure...." ("Did I update my resume?")

Okay, so I didn't sound quite that stupid... but my conversation with my new boss (you'll remember my old boss resigned a couple weeks ago) was about as useful. It was pretty wierd... the Director of Creative Services comes over to me and says "Has anyone talked to you about my new position?" ("huh?") ... That's how it started. He's been re-org'd out of the company (and they said no more layoffs) and he wanted to tell me.... So my boss walks by and I'm like "Sounds like the ship's on fire" and he decides to stop and chat with me.

So things are pretty wierd... as I mentioned before, nobody's doing shit to instill confidence in the workers. So I say something to that effect... and (with the intention of instilling confidence in me) he says, "Well, you've definately got 3-4 months." Can we say 120 days??? Then he continues by talking about how what happens after 120 days depends on how well our BIG project (that is being managed like crap) does and on how important I seem to the company. This is a GOOD, HONEST thing to say (I mean it). He tells me the things that he thinks I should do in order to make myself more interesting (this is also very good). However, regardless of how good those things he said are, it still doesn't change the fact that at around the time my son is born, I may be out of a job. *sigh*

I was planning on being more uplifting about work today, I spent last night working on a new prototype and I finished it and it was great. Everyone thought it allowed them to get an idea of how this new interface would work and it only took a day. I was pretty proud. My boss even said that he finds it super useful. When I work on stuff like that it really makes me love my job. Unfortunately the fates were against me. Oh well... :) Tonight I get to design an MP3 Player that will work in our system. Those wacky Japanese...

On a brighter note it was 65 degrees out today. Super sunny and beautiful, I was happy to be alive... alive and having major allergy attacks... but alive none-the-less. We also got to see the latest Trigun video (number 6) and it was Excellent. I think we're going to name our child "Vash The Cloutier." "The" being the middle name. Of course most people wont get it... but hey... I can dream right? Time to clean the kitchen...

Monday, March 05, 2001

So I talk to some current and ex- mid management people at work and they say 120 days and it's over. If we can't start making money by then we're done. Then I talk to people who are lower management who are given regular updates by the upper management (got those 3 levels?) and they show me a piece of paper that says we will be dead in the water in April 2002... if we don't start making money. April 2002 is significantly different from 120 days. So.... so so so .... so ....

Who do you listen to? My biggest peev is if the piece of paper is right, why don't they hand out that sort of info to all the employees??? It's not like we're all not freaking out about the prospects of the company. Everyone could use some reasuring once in a while... say every month or so (especially if things may be cut close...). This was one of my big beefs with my ex employer the big K (not K-mart). The management there would tell you that they weren't going to tell you what was going on till later, even though it was all figured out already. Does ANYBODY know how to promote loyalty in your employees???? Obviously not.

And yet I'm going to stay up super late tonight working on a prototype for them .... why???? Because I FREAKING like my job... Doesn't it just suck... of all the cruel and nasty tricks... I work for (another) freakshow company and I love the work I do... *sigh*

Maybe I should move to Vermont and study water for a living....

Sunday, March 04, 2001

I forgot to mention, I got a haircut... sorry mom.
I like to say it's for my fallen comrads....

The Breast Pump Finally Arrived!!

After months (even years) of waiting, our AVENT breast pump finally came in the mail today. There was rejoicing in the streets. I even tried it out on myself to make sure it worked and ... well... I'm not exactly set up properly to know for sure, but it sure seemed to do what it's supposed to. I'm quite impressed with AVENT, I thought it would be good stuff and it sure seems to be. We got a set of bottles and ... nipples... as well and it all seems to be pretty nice. Of course, the real test is to see how well it holds up in the field.

We also got our cloth diaper tester today. That is to say a single cloth diaper for us to check out, not someone to test cloth diapers. They're from a company called Mother Ease. They look like they'll be pretty good, but I think most people will think we're crazy. I personally think that we know more than people think we know... but if they knew what we know, they'd think we're definately crazy.

So we hung out in the International District with Jill and Darren last night (without my camera) and had an awesome time. They're so cool. I got to go to a Japanese model store and Greta got a cool Tapioca ball tea. We ate at an amazing Chinese restaurant and hung out at this cool Asian grocery / book store. We had a grand time and need to go back soon. There's so much cool stuff down there.