Saturday, March 31, 2001

Wow, I guess I'm a little behind. My parents came out to visit and we were having such a great time I totally neglected blogging. Now they're gone and we all have to work off all the food we ate while they were here. Where possible I like to plan visits around food, I think it's very important :)

On the Job front I should finally have the last bits of information on monday. I really like the company and the people. I'm really excited about it. I expect everything should go fairly smoothly, though there are a couple minor details that will need to be worked out. I'm hoping they won't turn into problems. I find it funny though, that after I frantically got ahold of my references to make sure they'd be available (Thanks everyone!!!) it seems that nobody was contacted. The recruiter guy made it sound like they wanted to contact the refrences before they moved forward. I figured they wanted proof that I wasn't nuts. Maybe they just feel that if I'm confident enough to give them 5 names then I must not be nuts and they don't really need to contact anyone. Who knows??

I called some people to be references who I had been (inadvertantly) neglecting to call in general. It really made me realize how much I missed talking to them. I (we) really miss a lot of our friends that we left when we moved. I've spent the last few days going, "GEEEEEEZ, I really miss *so-and-so*." And I hope you know who you are:)