Monday, April 02, 2001

Of all the wonderful, beautiful things in the world I find it hard to believe that situations such as "Negotiating for Money" come up. I would have to say that negotiating for a salary I could accept was not only against my personality, but that it went so far as to ruin my whole day. I had to mentally steel myself, I literally had to take a few deep breaths, then concentrate very intensely on what I believed I was worth. The MINIMUM I believed I was worth. It's not that I was under-appreciated, it's not that they were trying to take advantage of me (I truely believe this), it's that their method for determining salary is based on some extensive research. Where this falls appart is that the type of work I do doesn't fit into any known category in any of the salary research places. This is the ONLY reason I was able to negotiate at all, in all other cases their offer is final. Thankfully, in my special case it was not, and I was not forced to decline their offer. I'm not ecstatic about it, but the increase in quality of employment should take up the slack. I was given an enormous (in my opinion) stock option grant, but it really is of no value right now so it's not all that interesting. Maybe it will turn out to be intereting, who knows.

Of course, now comes the part I've really be waiting for (not), now I get to tell my manager that I'm leaving. He should have been expecting it, but I still think it's going to be a surprise to him. It makes me sad, because I really do like him and the other people in the Group. It's just the wrong time, for me, for the company to be doing poorly. *sigh*

Honestly, I'm a little nervous. This new job is going to be a lot more than I'm used to. I hate being bored at a job and I don't think I'll get bored of this one anytime soon, but it's still a lot of crazy new stuff. Okay, so I'm nervous and Wicked excited. *GRIN*