Sunday, April 08, 2001

Hmm... I'm becoming consistently lazy with my blogging. That's not a good thing.

I was reading an article in a recent issue of some free computer magazine in Seattle. It was about Windows XP the latest installment in the global domination known as Microsoft Windows (just for clarification, I'm using Windows as I write this now). From the sound of the article Microsoft is finally cleaning up some of the TRASH that's been floating around their operating system since 1995 (or maybe earlier). I'm not here to write about what it does, go look it up youself, I did find it interesting though. I was hoping for some pictures, but there were none in the article, so I went online to Microsofts webpage and found this. WOW, the technology may be getting better, but what the HELL is going on with their designers. WICKED. I thought Mac OS X was getting too "Gel-cap" but this is SOOOO much worse. *sigh* ... let's all hope for a Kaliedoscope like utility.

The only thing that beats that is the prototype 3D Windows interface I saw a video of. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor it was so bad. Here's an article about it, but I can't find the video I saw. I sounds like Microsoft might be showing it of at CHI 2001, let's hope they don't. Their reputation is bad enough as it is. I do find it interesting since I'll be doing 3D interface design for the next few years. ** I can hardly contain myself **

On a side note, I think we've decided not to give our son a middle name. We have been trying to understand the whole point of it and are having trouble. I mean, sure, if I had a boy name John, a middle name might be useful considering there's so many Johns (no offense to any Johns out there), but if the name isn't all that common I don't really see the need. I don't have anything against them, I have a middle name, I'm just not sure that it's necessary. Hopefully my son won't be scared for life by it and have lots of anger towards me because of it. "All the other boys have a middle name, why don't I???"